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With all of the hoopla about I phones, Galaxies, Pixels, and also many others, it might be easy to forget that businesses such as Asus still create mobiles which try to give a little of the life, but also at a cheaper cost.

The Asus Zenfone 5Q is just a mid-to-upper-mid-range apparatus where many manufacturers appear to be aiming. Competition remains inflexible round the 299 pricepoint that the Zenfone 5Q is certainly going for, nevertheless Asus expects to take a win using double cameras at front and rear (20 MP routine before and also 16 MP ordinary in rear, both paired together with 8 MP wideangle lenses), glossy glass rear, also Asus’s an average of speedy ZenUI efficiency.

We’ve seen solid efforts before, but usually times one or even two glaring flaws have held us back from fully adopting the Zenfone line up. Does that the Zenfone 5Q over come this and set it self as being a worthy mid century alternate?

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  • Asus Zenfone 5Q
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  • Clear silicone instance
  • Asus cans and spare ear buds
  • Warranty and guides


The Zenfone 5Q takes to a quite recognizable styling( particularly as it pertains to previous Zenfones. Being the single Zenfone 5 to maybe not include a home screen display, both the front and back with this phone can be recognizable. Bezels are nominal on either side, however, the bottom and top possess a pronounced eyebrow and forehead. Within the eyebrow establishes a 20 MP routine camera paired with a 8 MP wideangle shot and flash. We assume that is hard or not worth while to try to squeeze to a top notch.

The glass rear appears fine albeit quite plain and familiar, however we really do enjoy the color option, notably the accession of a reddish colorway to spice up things. The volume and power switches built in to the plastic components have a wonderful solid click — not overly business, and perhaps not in any respect mushy.


Notched or maybe not, that 6-inch Full H D + (2160 x 1080) display still accomplishes a commendable 80percent screen-to-body ratio. Clarity with this screen is really fine, as are all the colors, though it might appear somewhat bluish. Reaching a maximum brightness of 478 nits and also a minimum of 6, so it is going to be simple to find that display in virtually any light scenario.

Interface and Functionality

Asus’s ZenUI has experienced a collection of small, however effective refinements on the last couple of decades. A sip here and a sip there’s left ZenUI appearing more cohesive and less confusing than it has ever looked in this Android 8.0-based iteration. Aesthetically, we’re fans with this more uniform UI and love the degree of partitioning still supplied.

Tools to tidy up files that are uninstalled, motif your port, manage your own files lock certain programs are well incorporated and flaking is kept to a minimum. Adding a superior all-device search functionality can help arrange them farther, which makes features more accessible and so are more inclined to be properly used.

Processor, Memory, also Performance

Asus wants to remind us every now and that being a mid sized apparatus does not need to mean being dumb. The Zenfone 5Q pairs Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 630 using 4 gigabytes of RAM to keep things functioning smoothly, and smooth it really is. Navigating throughout your daily tasks to your work or for fun wont usually make you frustrated. We struck no hangs, fast app launch, and lively app switching during.

Gaming will shed a few frames and load slower compared to higher-end mobiles, nevertheless the knowledge complete will be significantly more than tenable.


The Zenfone 5Q is just a DualSIM apparatus that extends the DualSIM menu additionally to fit a micro sd card along to two simultaneous simcards (just one SIM could join with data at the same time). That’s pretty cool, but there’s nothing overly remarkable to see in the connectivity section for your own 5Q. You’ll discover the appropriate requisites such as dual band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, also NFC — just about par for your class at the pricepoint. Being a unlocked phone, you also may not find a way to place this on Verizon Wireless or Sprint, however AT&T, T-Mobile, and also prepaid organizations using their towers needs to not have any difficulty hooking-up the Zenfone 5Q.


Being a system which uses MicroUSB instead of USB C, we aren’t amazed (and definately not displeased) to come across a 3.5millimeter headset jack onboard. The integrated speaker does not do a terrible job of fun by itself though. Sound is self-evident and loudly enough for some situations.


Asus piled the cameras pretty large within this purchase. Pairing 8 MP wideangle lenses together with 16 MP and 20 MP ordinary lenses at the front and back, respectively, the Zenfone 5Q apparently features a camera to get every single circumstance. Thankfully, image quality piles up to accommodate this tall arrangement.
Pictures on the Zenfone 5Q emerge very accurately colored and well-detailed. Objects to the border of this framework can sometimes emerge slightly fuzzy, but complete that the Zenfone 5Q does a commendable role in working shots. Exposure can be also very fine, often spectacular a contented balance between the dark and light areas of vibrant scenery, even though brighter areas can some times get just a little ignored.
Lower-lighting energetic sceneries pose the 5Q using a little trouble in carrying in enough lighting to your darker areas nevertheless high lights in such scenarios stay well-tamed.

Flipping in the HDR style appears to rectify those little annoyances with vulnerability virtually entirely, which happily does not add too long into the shooter.

The secondary 8 MP wideangle lens does alot of the exact things the principal detector does with regard to color accuracy and detail catch, however it unfortunately lacks the principal detector’s adeptness in vulnerability and greater proclivity in rotational motion, which renders the wideangle lens more at risk of blowing out highlights and shooting fuzzy shots if you are not attentive.

Taking selfies on the 20 MP front-facing camera gets got the Zenfone 5Q displaying a lot of the exact strong attributes found on the home detector, albeit with a slightly milder tone into the pictures it captures. This apart, colours are proactively represented, and also details are eloquent. Surprisingly, no bokeh modes exist to your front-facer, inspite of the camera. This additional 8 MP snapper could be exactly the identical mirrored lens located from the trunk and can be quite useful for only that — wideangle shots, which does well.

Overall, concerning color reproduction, detail, along with point-and-shoot-ability, the Zenfone 5Q brings off easily among the better picture shooting experiences in its area.


4K video shot on the Zenfone 5Q is perhaps unsurprisingly well-detailed. Colors are not quite as accurate as image grab though, demonstrating a inclination to punch up things a little. Electronic image stabilization will help keep things stable, however, insufficient to keep moves from becoming overly jarring and shaky the majority of the moment. Exposure is good though, as are working times, however, sound arrived sounding quite rickety, and it is a pity to coincide with such sharp video using sub par sound.

Call Quality

Calls come through well on the Zenfone 5Q; we did not have some problems using reception or signal. The ear-piece is quite loud, and the speaker phone is sufficient for some situations. Callers might hear us we can hear them without any difficulty or disturbance.

Battery Life

Packing that a 3300 mAh battery, the battery Zenfone 5Q does well using its own battery efficacy; well enough to survive through a user friendly’s utilization inside our period with this gadget. Clocking a commendable 10 hours within our customized drain evaluation, we found the 5Q’s battery lifetime quite affordable. Re-fee times are quick too, carrying under 90 moments to control out of 0 100.


The Asus Zenfone 5Q proves to become a fairly good actress. Asus’s push for competent photography continues to impress us with its own consequences, and efficacy from the OS has contributed to improved battery life — some thing Zenfones have demonstrated a different demand for before.

Selling for $300 will put it against several potentially better known competitions, though. Devices just like the Moto g 6 spring into mind, nevertheless the Zenfone 5Q comes with a safe effect on the G6 in many areas people find — notably pictures. Other mobiles to take into account, such as Nokia’s 6.1, additionally may actually get overcome in areas including display quality, though photography might be a closer game upward; we’d still provide the Zenfone 5Q that a small advantage for greater transparency and a quicker shutter from the camera segment, though. For today, we’re pretty comfortable in stating the Zenfone 5Q is still among the greatest phones you are able to get round the 300 pricepoint.

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