Grandmother confused by Steve Harvey GIF, seeks help from Verizon

There are several grand parents that understand every thing for their smart phones. Some may also put the tech-savvy adolescent to pity. But it will not look like the grandma of Forbes staff writer Alex Konrad are part of the category. Konrad delivered a tweet out describing he along with his grandmother, understood as “Grammy,” were at a family group chat when somebody from the group delivered a GIF of both Family Feud sponsor, author, talk show host and man across the town Steve Harvey, that was simply exhibited his palms.

For Grammy, that was not knowledgeable about this GIF theory, the notion of watching some one she did not understand (she needs to be considered a Richard Dawson fan) appear on her behalf phone always clapping silenced her thoughts. She composed in the group conversation, “Help??!!! Who is that person clapping above????? Why??”

Desperate to allow it to stop, Grammy led to a Verizon store trusting that some one there might tell her just how to really make the annoying person go a way. She summed her up at Big Red to your nearest and dearest talking from the team. “Verizon guy was totally casual about it. Said it’s ‘Running in a loop’ … & said it would run out eventually. To which I replied but it will use up all its charge & he said “no — maybe not in all” hmmmm leaving me speechless & perplexed!!!!!!!!!”

(*************************************************),” Konrad clarified the circumstance, also Grammy comprehended. Kudos into Grammy (who sounds pretty cool) for having a smartphone at first place (lots of grand parents possess reverse phones or feature mobiles ) and in making the visit Verizon. She never quit and in the long run, she heard some thing about her mobile phone. We’d still bet she favors Richard Dawson into Steve Harvey on Feud.

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