Having problems with Android? Here are the top fixes for five common Android issues

Android — it’s the most common portable operating platform around the world ) Whether it is really a Samsung, HTC or Huawei, 65percent of the world’s mobile apparatus run some form of the OS. It’s not any real surprise, then, that many of us rush into technical gremlins every once in awhile.

But we aren’t here to discuss busted screens or water damage and mold; it’s the niggling complications which render you boils down into the technician mechanic that disturb people. But armed with a few know-how, most problems could be solved in your home without forking outside to consult the pros )

So without further ado, here are five of all the many common problems Android users encounter and also the fixes that you will need to receive your device back on the right track.

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Android file transport no longer working

The go to procedure for moving files between Android apparatus and Macs, the Android File Transfer (AFT) program can throw a plethora of error messages that are bothersome. From “could not connect to device” into “can’t access device storage” or “could not copy file”, the program has us scratching our heads in confusion above all else.

First things — ensure that your device is encouraged. AFT works on computers running osx 10.5 and above, whereas the attached Android apparatus has to be running Android 3.0 and upward, therefore make sure you assess exactly what your device is operating.

If that your Mac is using problems discovering your Android apparatus, make certain USB debugging has been switched on in Settings | Developer Options in your own Mac. Similarly, make certain to test the “File transfers” option as opposed to “Charging” in your mobile’s homescreen.

It might appear obvious, however, wires could be the real cause of connection problems. Check for frays or divides in the cable , in addition to some problems with the connectors.

Finally, you for Samsung Galaxy or Note owners — assess if a Mac contains Samsung Kies or Smart Switch installed. If therefore it averts AFT from working correctly and may be uninstalled.

Android apparatus not linking to Wi-Fi

With the net an vital part of every day lifestyle, maybe not having the ability to find on the web might possibly be the most bothersome Android problem. More frequently than not, even though, we’ve discovered that the problem is easily repaired, and doesn’t signal some thing very wrong with your apparatus.

First upward are the easy ones — assess the Wi-Fi password against exactly what you’ve typed. Did you type a capital a lower case l? And see for those distinctive characters! )

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Similarly, assess the modem name, specially if you are residing in a crowded area where there can be over 1 router the same new in proximity.

Some wireless routers have limits on the number of devices can join, so that you may either ask other people to disconnect or turn the router on / off again. The latter alternative will be the first to turn into if problems with the modem , and it is a completely different kettle of fish with a distinct pair of solutions.

Bluetooth no longer focusing in an Android apparatus

It’s yet another connection protocol as well since with every , Bluetooth may come with its talk problems apparatus devices and linking correctly.

Often the simplest method of solving a Bluetooth dilemma is to re set objects — the equivalent of turning it on / off again. This system encompasses toggling Bluetooth connection off and forth, unpairing and repairing apparatus ( or restarting your mobile, that may mend errors that are simple and allow you to start afresh.

If that your Android can not find any apparatus to join with, make certain both your apparatus are in pairing mode. This sounds easy but is readily over looked. Another trick is to use matching your Android with some thing different. If which works then there could be some thing amiss with another apparatus )

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a far complex problem will function as Android’s cache files( which may corrupted with time. To clear the cache only head to Settings | Application Manager, find Bluetooth after which Force Stop before exploiting Clear Cache. A fast phone resume afterwards and matters should be like brand new.

GPS no longer focusing Android apparatus

Our second common Android problem is with the worldwide positioning system — a second dilemma associated with connectivity. ) It’s yet another major individual, with most common programs depending upon knowing your position.

As with lots of the additional common problems, only toggling the GPS on / away could be a quickfix. The goes for toggling Airplane manner ( which pertains to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi too.

Some phone cases can block GPS signs, therefore try removing this. If that is the problem then you’ve got a trade off to produce, or you could just seek a telephone case which does not possess the same consequence.

Android apparatus have many GPS manners (in the cheapest true “device only” into “battery saving” and “high accuracy”), therefore make sure you test yours is put to a best for your specific needs.

Lastly, also as with Bluetooth, cache files may corrupt and cause the Android’s GPS to act . Head into Settings | Apps and also find your mapping program to automatically clean your cache.

Android keypad no longer working

It’s certainly one of the most crucial components of an Android apparatus — the keypad — vital for surfing the web and sending messages on many different programs. The “Unfortunately, Android Keyboard has stopped” message could harvest every once in awhile, however there are some simple fixes.

Restarting your computer keyboard (Settings | Apps | Force Stop) is 1 option, since is only restarting your apparatus. More frequently than not, either of the solutions should mend matters. Once repeatedly, clearing your cache can be definitely an option, after the exact guidelines as our additional cache-clearing fixes.

Sometimes an obsolete app could be the trouble, if your device does not download upgrades automatically, assess for any fresh upgrades in the Play Store. It may likewise be the instance your apparatus it self demands an upgrade, therefore assess Settings | About Device | Software/System Update. If problems persist, you’ll find are consistently third party programs or even the dreaded mill reset.

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