Nokia 8 Sirocco Review

Believe it or not, the Nokia 8 Sirocco is located on peak of the provider’s line up right now, detailed with a highres display, a quick chip set, a double camera, and a great deal of storage. ) It isalso, but and the corporation’s priciest phone, and lots of water went under the bridge as its setting, are the nice specs and speedy Android One chops sufficient to warrant the pricing? Read onto determine…

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  • Protective instance
  • In-ear cans
  • 2.5A wall sockets
  • USB C cable
  • USB C sound jack adapter
  • Warranty and information leaflets


Glassy heft, decorative aspect-ratio

To amount the Nokia 8 Sirocco at 1 sentence, it’s a phone which is more agreeable to check at than it would be to actually utilize on an everyday basis. It appears sensational in glistening black, and also the lean, contrasting metallic border can help you exude a feeling that is superior. The apparatus has a good, reassuring heft for this, and also the curves onto both faces of the display farther increase its coolness element. Plus, the device is ip address 67 water resistant. But with the Nokia 8 Sirocco also for a brief while is sufficient so that you can understand that things have not been quite thought through. First away, whereas the device is quite streamlined to get you using a 5.5-inch display, it seems somewhat wide as it adheres into the orthodox, 16:9 screen ratio. ) Many modern mobiles have made the switch into thinner, taller screens to be able to match more screenspace in a easier-to-grasp human body. Also, the lean sides texture sharp contrary to the palms, and also the flush, both shallow volume and power buttons are down right embarrassing to utilize. And whilst the fingerprint reader at the rear is fastthe ring which encircles it will have already been pronounced to be sensed better.

There’s a plastic protective case which includes the Nokia 8 Sirocco, and slipping it makes the device somewhat less of a hassle to utilize. On one flip side, it seems wrong to pay this type of classy apparatus with some thing which will get scuffed after only a couple of days of usage.


The Nokia 8 Sirocco lands a highres, 1440×2560 Quad H-D AMOLED display. The most useful thing about it’s the fact that it looks fine and sharp because of the high pixel density, also throughout our testing, we’ve never had problems with exterior visibility. On the disadvantage, the screen will be far “colder” than it needs to be, seeming entirely blue ish if it is assumed to produce whitened, specially towards the curved sides. Thus, cold colors such as blue and green seem especially untidy and over-pronounced in contrast to this benchmark sRGB gamut. No extra display color settings are given, therefore everything you see is exactly what you’re getting.
One item we weren’t hoping to get is your socalled “jello effect”. It is evident if scrolling down and up — that the material seems to marginally stretch and squeeze since you swipe. It’s presence isn’t just a major deal, however it’s a small flaw yet.

About the display’s curved sides, so they really do look cool, but serve no additional purpose but a decorative one. While watching fullscreen video — many of that successfully matches the full screen’s conventional proportions — there will likely often be both of these slim bars near the top and underside where colors are off a bit. This shows harder when gambling, because it’s typical for buttons and health pubs to occupy that section of this monitor.

Interface and functionality

Screeching fast Android upgrades, blank port, thoughtful expressions

If you’ve seen one Nokia port ( you have seen them as the company had been among those very first ever to hop the Android One band-wagon that offers tidy, bloat-free UI (Android 8.1 Oreo in cases like this ), spear-heading variant and security upgrades. For example, Nokia mobiles obtain the Android P bet as simultaneously with Google’s Pixels today, and ditto for your most recent security upgrades . )

Nokia will throw in several thoughtful touches into this plain Android appearance and functionality, though. You may specify a doubletap gesture to wake up the phone up. The mobile has some thing called Glance Screen (like Samsung’s Always-to Display), which could light the AMOLED panel once you get the telephone, revealing time/date, battery stats along with notifications from black. You may select from other clock fashions and telling screens, too!

Also, you also could well not need the capacity to swipe in an empty screen space to unfurl the telling color, however you’re able to certainly do it with an swiping gesture onto your fingerprint scanner at the rear of Double-pressing on the lock-key immediately takes one for the camera program in the secured condition, rounding up the fantastic policy of the majority of elementary helpful gestures and short cuts to the Nokia 8 Sirocco.

Processor and memory

Not mad, however pretty fast, with plenty to incorporate in

At the cost that Nokia was requesting at launching for its Sirocco, an individual may be expecting a Snapdragon 845 indoors, however might need to contend with the 835 variant. It’s a 10nm chip set, though, as well as the sacrosanct Android Oreo on the Sirocco simply strikes. The smooth performance is definitely also assisted by a huge 6GB DDR4 RAM package, whilst firing has been looked after with a generous 128GB flash memory module by the get go. Gaming, however, is not a totally smooth encounter. Casual, less-demanding names run well, however, we did not ice choppiness in more academically intensive names such as Riptide GP Renegade.


The Nokia 8 is sold with a Zeiss-branded double camera set that unites a 12MP shooter sporting large, 1.4-micron pixels and wide, f/1.7 lens with a 13MP telephoto secondary camera for 2x magnification. We also love the Pro mode which is designed for adjusting white balance, focusing, ISO, shutter speed and exposure compensation. A Live Bokeh style that blurs portrait wallpapers along with slowmotion video around a wonderful pair of camera extras. Unfortunatelywe found the camera program to be acting up once or twice, perhaps not enrolling our camera taps in so we had to close and re open.

Image caliber

When given positive circumstances, the Nokia 8 Sirocco may shoot fine, quite expressive photos having its primary camera. ) Details are adequate, and also colors get a small boost to make sure they are soda, but noise cancelling may use some progress. Unfortunately, the camera can be just a little fiddly when it has to do with setting the vulnerability having a tap onto the monitor, which may cause shots which are under- or over exposed. Low-lighting photos are usable, but much more and less detailed in contrast to that which we’ve seen from different high-ends. The Auto HDR feature (switched off automatically ) does assist in simplifying light situations, but decreases the picturetaking procedure clearly.

As to its secondary 2x zoom camera, its performance sets it at the “hit or miss” class ) Proper, optical zoom is fine having because it brings the topic closer into the photographer with slight declines in quality, in the instance of those Nokia 8 Sirocco, motion blur could spoil the image. Also, the camera works badly in low light, so we’d help one to actually be conservative with its own usage.

Selfies and Live Bokeh

The front-facing camera really is a run of the mill, 5 mp affair. In catchy energetic range situations, such as shooting a transparent sky, it targets the facial skin that’s clear, but contributes to over exposed selfie backgrounds. Distortion close corners is readily noticeable with this specific one.

The Live Bokeh style is utilized to bring an even far more professional, more arty appearance to your photos. The answers are not perfect in regards to just how accurately the blur was implemented, however, the shots are still well worth discussing on societal networking.


The Nokia 8 Sirocco is effective at shooting 4K video that’s step by step, with fine, high end colours, however also the darker-than-reality exposure calculations sometimes rear their minds in video capture too. The 1080de footage is scraped to get a smoother record, whereas continuous auto focus works great in every ways, re focusing between items close and far almost instantly.

Sound recording was too, with the 3 noise canceling mics across the device, which retained ambient noise to some time we spoke, and minding our voice loud and clear at the footage. Nokia Requires 24-piece sound in addition to the capability to capture up to 132 decibels, and we all could attest that the hand set actually is an extremely competent audio-grabber.

Sound and predict quality

The long net of this ear-piece grill enables out very great sound quality into our discerning ears, even without a perceptible distortions, even in higher volume. The Nokia 8’s trio of all noise canceling mics, strategically scattered across the device, behaved commendably, too, by weeding out the neighboring fluff, also relaying our timbres loudly and clear into the coming end.

The only built in speaker has been placed at the base of the telephone. It sounds loud and clear even at high levels, but do not expect getting out much bass of it. Since that the Nokia 8 Sirocco features a headset jack, a couple of USB C in ear head phones are included from the group. The sound quality is adequate to get a set of in-the-box headset. A USB C into 3.5-mm accommodated can be bundled with the telephone number.

Battery lifetime

Just bashful of amazing, battery life is equally nearly as good as it has using QHD resolution and 3200 mAh package

The Nokia 8 Sirocco — paired with a 3260mAh battery, and the more Android One experience, along with its own OLED display — failed well on our battery life evaluation, lasting not exactly 8 hours of constant usage. Our real life adventure with the device affirms it could certainly endure through each day of regular use, and also we were near attaining the 2day mark .

The phone ships with a 2.5A-Wall charger which tops the battery off for somewhat less than two weeks in discharged condition, and offers a Qi wireless charging coil indoors for many days behind a desk.


There’s much to enjoy in regards to the Nokia 8 Sirocco. The solid glass-and-metal structure feels superior, and also the specs provide loads of processing power and storage. When you put in the blank Android One applications that’s fast and absolutely free from bloat, an individual can not help but wonder exactly what are the grab.

Well, the grab is that Nokia somehow resolved to price the Sirocco in the Georgian 749 EUR during launching. The price has dropped somewhat, yet this bracket still sets the Nokia 8 Sirocco against powerful guide competition. For that this type of bread, you will get nearly every Android flagship outthere, for example the Galaxy S-9 or even the LG G 7 ThinQ, and those include chips that are quicker and cameras that are better.

Still, when it drops in price, the Sirocco is likely to soon be a wonderful choice for all those Android purists who prefer their own port clean and fast or their own screens in a more conventional aspect ratio. Until afterward, the price may chase off many prospective buyers, regardless of those nostalgia whiff which Nokia’s Sirocco variations can ship their spines.

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