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In age of I pads, Kindles, and also the Microsoft Surface, tablet computers — and also mobiles — regularly strive to be all for everyone else. More and longer, the unit make an effort to change out your laptops, drawing pads, laptops, TV’s, cameras, and etc; it’s really an extremely wonderful thing. Still, sacrifices have to be produced, if in dimensions, shape, work, or even cost.

Sony’s Digital Paper tablet computers, the 13.3-inch DPT-RP1 and 10.3-inch DPT-CP1, try to do something and do it rather nicely: be newspaper. More specifically, these pills try to function as virtually unlimited laptop and ultimate PDF reader/editor.

Today, we have a good look in the bigger of those 2 — both the 10.3-inch DPT-CP1. Utilizing Sony’s electronic Paper technology, this specific pill maintains great readability in any light, in addition to searchable, annotatable PDF seeing, and also the functionality of an electronic pencil — that can be contained with the tablet computer to finish the pencil and paper experience and also enhance interactivity together with documents. All with the at a feather-light, battery-sipping, $600 bundle ) But do those functionalities end up being well worth paying , specially as a supplementary apparatus?

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  • Sony 10.3-inch DPT-CP1 Digital Paper pill
  • Digital Pen and conductive pencil guidelines
  • Micro-USB cable
  • Quick guide and warranty info

Design and Display

There’s a few things you’ll instantly find concerning the Sony Digital Paper tablet. When you look at this, you assume there exists a decal with the writing “Digital Paper” within the display. But, in reality, that’s the display. In sun, or inside, this 1404 x 1872 scatter, electrophoretic, touchscreen display does a great job of fabricating comparison whilst apparently not creating lighting. In flip side, Sony has nailed the paper appearance, demonstrating superb readability in most light conditions.
The second point you’ll see is the way feather-light this tablet computer is. Weighing at a little 8.5 oz, holding this 9.5 x . 75-inch tablet computer is going to have you feeling as if you are not simply considering newspaper, however holding it as well. Sony’s Digital Paper pill weighs less than many laptops, and considering that which it could save, which could be valuable to newspaper fans available.

Keeping having its glossy theme, the Digital Paper tablet computer has merely a power/sleep button onto top border near the MicroUSB charging interface. Below that, to the surface of the tablet edge, could be your dwelling key — that the only real interactive button form touchscreen display.

As said the Digital Paper pill also includes an electronic digital pencil that includes buttons to empower highlighting and removing functionalities along with routine writing.

Interface and Functionality

Before we talk port, one thing to see in regards to that the Digital Paper tablet computer is the fact that it may just utilize PDFs no additional file formats. Of class, PDF’s are often quite versatile therefore many documents may be switched into the format and positioned on the apparatus but maintaining the motif to do you job well, Sony offers a PDF reader/editor and laptop — nothing morenothing less.

It’s pretty obvious that Sony keeps using this particular tendency from the port, as perfectly; functionality is equally basic and mostly uncomplicated.

The first thing that you will find when turning to the gadget is really there is no true homescreen; the apparatus only selects where it left every time it’s powered . The “home” button at top bezel does not require you everywhere but rather offers a menu for jumping into unique purposes.

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  • Return into Document — The nearest item to a back-button which the Sony Digital Paper has because it goes straight back into your own open record in any screen.
  • All Documents — An inventory of all of the documents stored on your device.
  • Folders — An inventory of folders on your device.
  • Create New Note — The sole way through which you may produce a record; those notes can take a variety of fashions, including legal pad, charts, daily program, clean, and much more. As PDF’s would be the sole usable record in the world Digital Paper tabletcomputer, all documents created have been within this format. )
  • All Notes — Displays a spread of most the note records you’ve created.
  • Settings — Can just toggle Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, along with NFC — that the tablet computer has to link with a pc as a way to hook up with a fresh Wi-Fi system or set the tablet computer with still another device via Bluetooth.

This quasi-dock stipulates the major manner of navigation over the Digital Paper tabletcomputer. Outside with the you just have an origin folder whereby you’ll be able to get into your documents or even the aforementioned short cuts that reveal you lists of one’s documents or notes.

Generally, we do not obey this minimalist strategy. There’s a little learning curve at realizing exactly what you can and can not do for around — for example recognizing there is no back , and also your house button does not take you anywhere — however having so little to do and few ways to complete this is soon over come.

Reading and Editing Documents

The weakest area for functionality without any uncertainty resides within record editing and viewing . ) When at a record, tapping the screen once brings a hamburger menu at 1 corner along with an ellipses menu at the flip, using a couple icons between. When exploited, the burger menu displays a listing of those additional documents in precisely the exact same folder, in addition to people who were recently read — either these are organized into tabs within the burger menu.

Icons in-between may incorporate those for shifting pen size and color, copying and copying hand written notes, zooming in to an option, or looking for the record to get highlights and notes.

With the pencil come broadcasts to compose noteserase themand highlight text the latter via buttons in the pencil. This is the place Sony put just a bit of digital magic supporting the conservative newspaper and pencil experience. Not just does one write notesbut additionally jump between those annotations and highlights you have made on the record. Unfortunately, there isn’t any hand writing recognition to ease finding particular notes, nevertheless, you can hunt the PDF for particular words from the record’s text or jump into certain areas by indicating them with a celebrity or asterisk.

Users may also open two records sidebyside. For example, while reading a PDF, you’ll be taking notes at another, fresh record.

All of the functions are all, yes, simple and straightforward, but additionally of use and reliable. No frills are available here, and also we rather want it like that. We may think about hardly any, if any, PDF functionalities we had enhance the package. We additionally quite similar to this most data could be encoded onto the apparatus via pass code protection.

Desktop and Mobile App

The desktop company program for Sony’s Digital Paper pill is extremely much like this tablet interface at either function and form. There is a small additional functionality, however, since it is the point where you’ll do anything linked to changing settings in your own Digital Paper. As said, linking to this computer may be the one and only method to configure a Wi-Fi connection on the tabletcomputer, however, the desktop program is differently used chiefly for document transport.

Loading documents on the Digital Paper’s set 16 GB storage may be accomplished through one of 2 manners. The primary method would be to drag and drop them from within the background program. Secondarily, the Digital Paper program for i-OS and Android may share PDF documents from many programs formerly paired through Sony’s Digital Paper program. Moving records off of this tablet may be performed via the cell program, also you also can “print” to digital newspaper in the pc, also.


Performance on the Digital Paper pill will not exactly wow anyone. As much as the camera adventure goes, the majority of the moment that the touchscreen reacts to taps, however we’d say roughly 20percent of this time that it really doesn’t. We did not anticipate this to be probably the most open source camera thanks to the essence of the display and the apparatus, but pen functionality is really on point.

General navigation did not blow us out . Aside from the irregular touch answer, the conclusion of any actions is quite jarring, because the full screen blinks when shifting pages, also it is somewhat slow when this. This persistent buffer of “blink and think” and the sometimes-unresponsive touchscreen does not provide the Digital Tablet a really premium-feeling working experience, and this, specially thinking about the price tag, is actually a little disappointing.

Battery Life

Battery lifetime span on the Digital Paper is very excellent. Being this type of light, low-power apparatus, Sony claims that the tablet computer can last about seven days Wi-Fi allowed and three with no, whereas the pencil is quoted for around monthly. We find these pretty likely quotes considering we’ve not charged the pill yet within our week of usage.


Sony’s made a bold move around in choosing to become narrowly focused with this particular apparatus in a universe where every apparatus does all. Sureit really does exactly what it’s designed to do pretty much. Reading, annotating, and hunting PDFs is useful and easy, while creating and writing records is as easy as a pencil and paper — the one that’s 16 GB’s of file storage, naturally. These are fine perks for people stuck at a newspaper world, however $600 can be an extremely steep price to cover it. Not to say that I pads and Surfaces may perform exactly the very same things across precisely the identical price and demonstrably much, much more.

Even if those devices do not attract youpersonally, regardless of what, you’re going to require some type of computer just to install the Digital Paper tabletcomputer. Sureyou can go on it to the head with you it’s filled with, however unless a part of one’s own life is nearly entirely predicated on reading and note-taking PDFs, then you ought to hold yet another apparatus too. And with this reality it’s difficult to observe many corporations or consumers decreasing the coin which Sony’s seeking with the Digital Paper tabletcomputer.

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